Prospective Associate Board Members

Get involved with an Associate Board.

What is an Associate Board?

Junior Board, Young Professionals Board, Associate Board, Auxiliary Board.

The names may very, but they all have a similar purpose. These groups exist to provide support to nonprofit organizations. Most often this is done through philanthropic support (hosting fundraisers) and through advocacy (serving as ambassadors for the organization's mission).

As these types of boards have grown in popularity, so too has the opportunity for young professionals to get involved.

Three Reasons to join an Associate Board:

Learn new shills
Develop and Practice skills that you don't get to use at work.
Community Leadership
Serve the community and build leadership skills.
Grow your network in meaningful way. Work alongside professionals outside of your field.

Here are ways to get started.

Browse through our directory of Associate Boards. Check out their board profiles, and reach out to the board representatives to inquire about opportunities to get involved.

Attend an event that is put on by local Associate Boards. Look our events page to see list of upcoming events.

Sign up for bi-monthly CharityScenes newsletter highlighting non-profit events for young professionals.

Current Associate Board Members

Enhance your Associate Board Experience.

We interact with many different group but our primary focus will always be on serving associate boards. When your board chooses to join our community, it represents a partnership between you and us.

Although many associate boards have been functioning successfully on our own, we think we all stand to improve by coming together. The All A-Board Alliance aims to help strengthen boards so they can better meet their goals, as well as help ensure that associate board service provides a meaningful experience for young professionals.

Why join our community?

Maximize your Involvement with our Community

From strategic planning to vendor lists to ideas for upcoming fundraisers, we’ve got it all. But they are only useful if you remember to use them. We encourage you to share these resources with your fellow board members too.

Providing additional information and resources, such as how-to articles, links to free service providers, or even a blog post about lessons learned from your most recent fundraiser, is a welcome gesture that helps the community remain strong and vibrant.

We use our events primarily to surface and address problems affecting the AB community, but these are also opportunities for ABs to meet each other and hopefully form new collaborations!

Nonprofit Organizations

How can Associate Boards help you?

Embrace the power of an Associate Board

Much of an associate board's success is contingent on the support of the parent organization, i.e. the nonprofit whose mission is supported by the associate board. This is because the associate board, or AB, can only do what its parent nonprofit allows it to do.