Aspire Chicago Junior Board

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Aspire was founded in 1960 and is recognized as a
leader in providing bold, pioneering and
uncompromising services to kids and adults with
developmental disabilities, their families and the
Chicagoland community through four enterprises:
Aspire Kids, Aspire Living, Aspire Careers and
Aspire CoffeeWorks.

We are one of the most innovative human service
non-profits in the Midwest with an incredibly
talented and dedicated staff of more than 250 that
serves over 550 children and 300 adults every year.

We are not only passionate about what we do, but
perhaps more importantly, how we do it. We are
here to make a positive and lasting difference in the
lives of the kids, adults and families we help, as well
as in all facets of the community. We are focused,
we are driven and we are confident in the services,
programs, opportunities and partnerships we have
to offer. This is our life’s work and we are proud of
what we do.

Together, we’re better.