Reflecting on the Election

Published: over 1 year ago by Lauren King.

Reflecting on the Week: A Message from Our Co-Founder
This election season has highlighted the existence of several key social issues that clearly divide Americans. While associate board service may not be an obvious solution to bridging the divide, we know that it offers you a chance to serve alongside people from multiple fields, to immerse yourself in a social cause you may not otherwise fully understand, and to be actively engaged in community issues.

Government leadership certainly plays an incredibly important role in the social sector. However, now is the time to recognize that we as a community play an equally important role. As young professionals throughout the Chicagoland area, we have the potential to unite, educate ourselves, and help heal social divide.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we urge you to use this time as an opportunity to get engaged with the nonprofit sector and challenge yourself to start learning about people who are different from you. We are all connected. The more we learn about one another, the better chance we have to grow and thrive. For more information about opportunities to support or join an associate board, please visit our directory or attend one an associate board event.

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