Fundraising DOs and DONTs

Published: over 3 years ago by Lauren King.

When planning a fundraiser:

  • DO be creative and find ways to tie the fundraiser to your organization’s mission.
  • DO develop events that you would attend, even if it were not a fundraiser.
  • DO seek out donations to keep costs low, but when members ask for donations, be specific, you are more likely to be successful asking for a $50 gift card than simply asking for a donation.
  • DO be creative in where you host the event, e.g. a showroom at merchandise mart might be interested if they think they’ll benefit from the exposure.
  • DO be inventive with how you fundraise, a punchboard or other “Price Is Right” style games could be a great way to generate extra revenue while distributing those gift certificates you had donated.

And try to avoid these traps:

  • DON’T plan too many events, focus on fewer but bigger events to help save your group’s resources.
  • DON’T simply rely on alcohol to bring people out, tie in a fun activity like karaoke.
  • DON’T forget to do “friendraising” and other events that let your board members get to know each other from time to time. You should also consider events that let your governing board mix and mingle with your board.
  • DON’T make sign-up too difficult. This can be a problem if you do an event requiring people to sign up in teams.
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