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Our Mission

Strengthen the impact of non-governing boards by fostering collaboration and sharing resources.

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Message from our founders

As associate boards and other non-governing boards have become integrated into many nonprofit organizations’ strategic plans, it only makes sense to create a community for these boards to come together and share resources. Many boards have an abundance of talent and energy, but lack resources for board growth and development.

Our goal is to create a space that brings these boards together to share ideas, gain knowledge, and foster support and enthusiasm for the work achieved by this community.


All A-Board Alliance is a Chicago-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of associate boards.

  • Idea ignites

    December 2013

    An Idea Ignites

    Several community members came together to talk about the need for associate boards to have a space to come together, share resources and collaborate.

  • Idea is born

    April 2014

    All A-Board Alliance is Born

    The idea gained traction as representatives from 6 associate boards refined the vision and became the founding steering committee. Choosing a name was challenging, as multiple names exist for boards with similar goals (associate board, auxiliary boards, junior boards, young professional boards etc). In an effort to be inclusive and show we have a sense of humor, the steering committee chose All A-Board Alliance as the name. This was intended to embody the notion that we aim to bring together all non-governing boards.

  • About image

    October 2014

    All A-Board Alliance and CharityScenes Unite

    After accidently finding one another’s websites, both organizations quickly realized they have similar and complementary goals. Rather than creating redundancy in programming, they united as one organization.

  • celebration

    April 2015

    One Year Celebration!

    AABA celebrated a successful first year in which we held four quarterly events, created an online community resource and had over 60 members.

  • Document signing

    May 2015

    Articles of Incorporation- check!

    AABA formalized their presence by filing Articles of Incorporation and becoming a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

  • Our

Our Amazing Team

All A-Board Alliance is overseen by a team of volunteers who have experience creating and/or serving on associate boards.

Cameron Croft
Cameron Croft
Maureen Fishback
Maureen Fishback
Elizabeth Fu
Elizabeth Fu
Sarah Hurwit
Sarah Hurwit Gomel
Lauren King
Lauren King
Elizabeth Slawin
Elizabeth Slawin
Alnierys Venegas
Alnierys Venegas
Warren Yates
Warren Yates

All comments and opinions expressed on this page are of the authors themselves and do not reflect the opinion of the All-Aboard Alliance or its steering committee.

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